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Doll Coordinate Recipe Vol 11

Yes, as ohmabelmydear has said, there's ebooks on Etsy as well, and xiangti930 from Hong Kong isn't just re-selling craft books but DCRs as well! They've opened the shop on Aug 1 2011 and I have a feeling they're doing it because they saw AliceInCraftyland doing it without any problems. -_- Folks buying them apparently don't mind they're doing something wrong, either. Hell, there's DCR vol. 1 just for $3! That's cheaper than Alice's stuff who charges per pattern. I bet these will sell like hot cakes. She already sold 24 doll pattern books in 9 days!Ugh. I wish the copyright holders contacted Etsy... Etsy folks look like, um, TOOLS for accepting this, honestly. That's the politest way I can put it.Originally posted ages ago. (permalink) houseofduke edited this topic ages ago.

doll coordinate recipe vol 11

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Beginning (Hajimimashite) Dolly Coordinate Recipe is the first in the series of Dolly Coordinate Recipe books that cover patterns and sewing for dolls like Momoko, Blythe, Barbie and Unoa. But there is nothing wrong with using the couture techniques and patterns for larger dolls. Despite its obsession with Blythe, Dollybird often has patterns for MSD and SD dolls as well as Momoko and Barbie, and is a bit pricier, but more high end in the content. The Dolly Coordinate Recipe series starts out with the basics, but focuses on clothing and sew-able accessories like purses. The Dollybird series has everything from the latest Japanese Doll releases, in depth reviews on dolls, craft tutorials, very detailed patterns for your dolls and where to buy craft items in Japan. Japan has the most amazing amounts of craft related stuff! These books will supply you the Japanese names for them, and you can then search for these items through an overseas retailer like Amazon Japan, or match them up with in-country items.


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