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Canadian  Club 40 year

Canadian Club 40 year


Canadian Club 40 year for sale.  Original box and bag included


    Canadian Club, 40 YO, 45% ABV 750 ml, SRP $250 CAD, 7,000 bottles released

    Canadian Club consists of a blend of three different mash bills. The first blend consists of 100% corn and the second of 100% rye. Both these blends are distilled using a continuous still. A third blend consist of a mash bill of rye, malted rye and malted barley; a portion of which is distilled in pot stills and the balance in a continuous still.

    Each spirit is aged in a combination of ex-bourbon casks, American oak casks and Canadian oak casks. The ex-bourbon barrels typically have a #3 char. The latter two have various levels of toasting, ranging from a deep #4 char to a lighter toast. Canadian oak casks are made from local white oak. These trees are slower growing in Canada and have a denser grain. They also have higher levels of vanillin, imparting a pronounced vanilla aroma and flavor.

    The color is a light gold. On the nose, there is a distinct corn syrup sweetness as well as an alcoholic note. The latter is lighter, more like a faint nail polish remover. As the whisky opens up pronounced notes of vanilla and butterscotch sweetness emerge, followed by elements of candied citrus zest, cotton candy, dried tropical fruit, some oak wood and hints of nutmeg and clove.


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