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Stick War: Legacy Mod - How to Defeat Red Giant Boss with 789 Golden Speartons and Mega Golden Griffon | Stick789Apk

Stick Apk 789: The Ultimate Guide for Stick War Legacy Fans

If you are a fan of Stick War Legacy, the popular strategy game where you control an army of stickmen, you might have heard of Stick Apk 789. But what is it exactly, and why should you watch it? In this article, we will answer these questions and more, and show you how you can enjoy this amazing YouTube channel.

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What is Stick Apk 789?

Stick Apk 789 is a YouTube channel dedicated to Stick War Legacy mod gameplay. A mod is a modification of the original game that adds new features, characters, scenarios, or challenges. For example, you can see how a giant golden griffon fights against a red giant boss, or how a team of golden speartons battles against a horde of red golden speartons. The possibilities are endless, and the results are often hilarious and surprising.

But Stick Apk 789 is not just a source of fun and entertainment for stickman war lovers. It is also a community of fans who enjoy watching and commenting on the videos. You can join them by subscribing to the channel, liking the videos, and sharing your thoughts and opinions in the comments section. You can also suggest new ideas for mod gameplay, or request your favorite scenarios. The channel owner, Stick789Apk, is very responsive and friendly, and always tries to make his viewers happy.

Why should you watch Stick Apk 789?

There are many reasons why you should watch Stick Apk 789 if you are a fan of Stick War Legacy. Here are some of them:

  • You can see amazing and creative mod scenarios in Stick War Legacy that you might not have imagined before. You can also learn how to create your own mods using the game editor.

  • You can learn tips and tricks on how to play and win the game, such as how to upgrade your units, how to use different strategies, how to counter different enemies, and how to complete different missions.

  • You can discover new features and updates in the game, such as new skins, new units, new modes, new maps, new events, and new challenges. You can also see how they affect the gameplay and the balance of the game.

How can you watch Stick Apk 789?

Watching Stick Apk 789 is very easy and convenient. Here are some steps that you can follow:

  • Subscribe to the channel on YouTube and turn on notifications. This way, you will never miss a new video from Stick Apk 789. You will also support the channel and help it grow.

  • Browse the playlists and categories to find your favorite videos. You can choose from different types of mod gameplay, such as hack army, mega boss battle, golden army, ice army, lava army, leaf army, etc. You can also watch some featured uploads or popular videos that have millions of views.

  • Share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section. You can express your opinions, ask questions, give compliments, make jokes, or request new mod gameplay. You can also interact with other fans and make new friends.


Stick Stick Apk 789 is a great channel for Stick War Legacy fans. You can watch exciting and hilarious mod gameplay videos that will make you laugh and amazed. You can also learn a lot from the channel and improve your skills in the game. You can also join a friendly and supportive community of stickman war enthusiasts who share your passion and interest.

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If you are looking for a new way to enjoy Stick War Legacy, you should definitely check out Stick Apk 789. You will not regret it. You might even become addicted to it. But don't worry, that's a good thing. Because Stick Apk 789 is all about having fun and making the most out of Stick War Legacy.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Stick Apk 789:



Who is the owner of Stick Apk 789?

The owner of Stick Apk 789 is Stick789Apk, a YouTube content creator who loves Stick War Legacy and modding. He started his channel in 2019 and has since gained over 1.5 million subscribers and over 500 million views.

How often does Stick Apk 789 upload new videos?

Stick Apk 789 uploads new videos almost every day, sometimes even more than once a day. He always tries to keep his viewers entertained and satisfied with fresh and original content.

How can I contact Stick Apk 789?

You can contact Stick Apk 789 by leaving a comment on his videos, or by sending him an email at He is very friendly and responsive, and he appreciates any feedback or suggestions from his fans.

Is Stick Apk 789 safe to watch?

Yes, Stick Apk 789 is safe to watch for anyone who likes Stick War Legacy and modding. The videos are not violent or inappropriate, but rather funny and creative. They are suitable for all ages and audiences.

How can I support Stick Apk 789?

You can support Stick Apk 789 by subscribing to his channel, liking his videos, sharing them with your friends, and leaving positive comments. You can also donate to his PayPal account if you want to show your appreciation and help him continue making awesome videos.


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