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[S2E4] The Fire

The ambulance stories are always interesting within the context of the Firehouse. When Shay and Dawson go off on a call by themselves and it goes bad like it did this episode, they don't have anyone else to talk to about it like they would normally on a call with all the firefighters.

[S2E4] The Fire

It's easy to see how pissed he could have been about being pushed out of 51, and this was a way of getting back. Not setting fires with a psych profile that one of the characters (Boden) explains as being the same as most of the firefighters in the house.

The same issue with Hadley could be said about McLeod. She again comes in with threats against Boden. The show even utilizes Benny's old grudge with Boden by having Benny suggest 51 isn't the problem, but the Chief is. I see what this strategy does, but it still isn't enough for me. Like Hadley, it's built on a shaky foundation that will fall regardless of how strong the house is. She's not meant to be a huge antagonist, because what she's threatening (fire/transfer of Boden) isn't going to happen.

And if it does, it certainly won't be permanent. There was a mini plot involving a nutrition plan that McLeod was trying to push on the firehouse, with an insurance hike if they didn't sign up for it. It provided some laughs.

The series depicts the everyday lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. In the episode, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) takes it upon himself to teach Ryan Howard (B. J. Novak) about business, but soon everyone is forced to evacuate the office due to a fire. While outside, Michael continues to show an interest in Ryan, causing Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) to be jealous. Meanwhile, Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) organizes games to play outside.

According to B. J. Novak, the episode was "a fun one to film". Although the cast and crew appear to be cold in the finished episode, "The Fire" was filmed in 100 Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) weather; thus, the actors "couldn't look hot" and had to pretend to shiver. The firemen in the scene were played by actual firemen, and their costumes were designed in order to look like authentic Scranton firefighters.

Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) learns that Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and Katy Moore (Amy Adams) have started dating. Michael Scott (Steve Carell) gives Ryan Howard (B. J. Novak) a glowing checkpoint review. When Ryan expresses his interest in starting his own business someday, Michael takes it upon himself to teach Ryan the "ten rules of business". The fire alarm sounds, and while Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) and Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey) both attempt to take charge of the evacuation, Michael pushes others out of the way in his escape out of the building.

Michael asks Ryan to call his cell phone to help Dwight find it. The phone rings, which happens to be in Michael's pocket. Dwight emerges, coughing, from the building and reveals that the fire was started by Ryan, who left a cheese pita in the toaster-oven set to "oven" instead of "toaster". Dwight and Michael mock Ryan and dub him "The Fire Guy" by doing a song parody of the Billy Joel song "We Didn't Start the Fire".

Novak described the episode as "a fun one to film".[2] The episode was filmed in 100-degree weather, but according to cast member B. J. Novak, they "couldn't look hot". The area outside the building was shot in Van Nuys, California in what Novak called a "bad area": he later noted that they "had to pretend we weren't scared, even though every car that is left next to our set overnight is stripped to the bone for parts."[2] Greg Daniels noted that during the filming of "The Fire", the cast and crew kept being interrupted by the sound of helicopters.[5] The firemen in the scene were played by actual firemen.[2] The crew of The Office had someone in Scranton take photographs of local firefighters' uniforms, so the costumes would be accurate.[6] However, in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Scranton firefighter Art Franklin pointed out that the uniform is actually tan, instead of the black ones seen on the show.[7]

After a childhood marred by trauma, a woman goes on a decades-long fire-setting spree resulting in several deaths. Did Shirley Winters mean to kill, or was this arson gone out of control? Why was she able to remain free for so long while tragedy followed in her wake? Is this a case of inherited trauma manifesting, or intentional murder, or both?

For their first trip with Mickey, the Tenth Doctor and Rose end up on a spaceship in the future that contains several portals to pre-Revolutionary France. When he steps through one of these portals, shaped like a fireplace, the Doctor discovers the even greater mystery of actual, romantic love.

Shortly afterwards, the Doctor, Rose and Mickey find an 18th century fireplace. Although the other side of the fireplace should be the outer hull of the ship, there is another room with a little girl. She informs the Doctor that she is in her bedroom in Paris, the year is 1727 and her name is Reinette. When Mickey comments that the Doctor said they were supposed to be in the 51st century, the Doctor explains that the excess of power can "punch a hole in the universe" and they just found it. Mickey wonders what it is, to which the Doctor calls it a spatio-temporal hyperlink between them in the 51st century and Reinette in 1727; the Doctor then admits that he didn't want to say "magic door" because the phenomenon has no real name. Mickey is shocked as the nearby window shows nothing but the emptiness of space.

The Doctor decides to explore further. He flips a switch on the mantle to rotate the fireplace into Reinette's bedroom, which is peaceful save for a rather loud clock. A startled Reinette informs him that though it has been mere seconds for him, for her it has been months since they last spoke. While inspecting the fireplace, the Doctor notices her mantle clock is broken and goes "Okay, that's scary". Reinette is puzzled that he is scared of a broken clock, but the Doctor points out that if the only clock in the room is broken, what's ticking? This draws Reinette's attention to the loud ticking noise, which is too big to be a clock according to the Doctor. He traces the noise to Reinette's bed and has a look underneath. He is attacked by a ticking creature in period dress. The Doctor notes that the creature has been scanning Reinette's brain and asks it why, but the creature only answers questions asked by Reinette. When the Doctor reinforces his demands with the sonic screwdriver, the creature advances in him and threatens him with a bladed appendage.

The Doctor tells Reinette not to worry as it's a nightmare; even monsters have nightmares. When asked what about, the Doctor yells with a smirk: "me!" He activates the spinning fireplace to pull the creature back into the ship, where he freezes it with a fire extinguisher. Removing the mask it's wearing, the Doctor finds it is a clockwork android, with some beautiful interior assembly. It teleports away before the Doctor has a chance to disassemble it. He warns Rose and Mickey not to go looking for it and returns to Reinette's bedroom. They go looking for it anyway.

On the other hand, the Doctor seems quite reconciled to taking the "slow path" with Reinette. As they sip wine and stargaze through a palace window, he muses about how he might earn money since he's "not going anywhere." It is Reinette who suggests that there might yet be a way back for him. She brings him to a room with a bed covered with flower petals and shows him the fireplace from when they first met. She had the same fireplace moved to Versailles. Because she moved the fireplace, the window was offline when the link broke so there is still a connection. Using his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor reactivates the link. He rides the rotating mantle back onto the ship as Reinette looks on sadly; a part of her had hoped he would be unable to do so. Once on the other side, the Doctor turns back to look through the fireplace at Reinette. He tells her to pack a bag and pick a star - if she wants to join him, he will take her wherever she wants to go. "Give me two minutes," he tells her before hurrying to find Rose and Mickey.

Once he is sure they are gone, the Doctor pulls the letter from his pocket and slowly unfolds it. In the letter, Reinette tells of her love for the Doctor and how she fears that she may never see him again as her body weakens. Still, she continues to hold out hope. He visibly struggles to control his emotions as he reads her pleas for him to hurry back to her. She finishes, "Godspeed, my lonely angel." Swallowing hard, he puts the letter back into his pocket; no tears fall, but there is anguish in his eyes. He then turns to the console, which shows the fireplace still active, and deactivates it, severing the last link.

As the light in the fire dies, the TARDIS dematerialises, revealing that it stood in front of a picture of Reinette. As the TARDIS leaves the scene, the name of the ship (and the reason the droids targeted Reinette) can finally be seen on the outside: SS Madame De Pompadour. The ship drifts through space, lifeless.

Look ... a certain lack of realism is to be expected on a show like this, but making it seem like one person who had been in her job for three weeks would have the power to force the board of her network to do what she said kind of trivializes how much risk there actually is in standing up to your bosses. Three weeks on the air, when you were not previously famous, is not really going to imbue you with the power to topple a CEO and replace them with someone who just got fired by yelling at the board.

Anyway, Laura tells Bradley that Cory may be fired anyway now, because the company is losing so much money on the streaming service they're trying to launch. (There are some yuk-yuk "another streaming service?" jokes here that are supposed to be funny because this is airing on Apple TV+, and they would land better if the service were doing better or the show were better.) Laura's bizarre piece of imagery: "The company's balance sheet looks like a hemophiliac's used Band-Aid." That is ... a sweaty, sweaty line, right there, wowza. Anyway, Laura tells her to make nice with Cory and the network for the time being. 041b061a72


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